Charles-Félicien Tissot, a fitter of gold cases, and his son Charles-Emile, a watchmaker, founded the company Tissot & Fils together in 1853. They assembled externally produced parts to complete watches and primarily exported them to Russia and America. In 1930, Tissot merged with Omega to become SSIH, the Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère. In the same year, Tissot also presented the first ever wristwatch unaffected by magnetic fields. In the 1980s, the Swiss manufacturer attracted a lot of attention by producing watches with unique case materials, such as the Rockwatch (1985) and the Woodwatch (1989). Tissot has been a part of the Swatch Group since 1998. They are also the official timekeeper at countless sporting events from the MotoGP, the premier class of motorcycle racing, to the Tour de France and the Australian soccer league.


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